365 – Hair accessory

What to choose for the very last day of my 365 project? I have made photos of many hair accessories. Funny ones, beautiful ones (with feathers and all) but since I have to limit, I needed to choose just 1 accessory. I have choosen my favourite hair accessory. A headband I bought in London at Read More

364 – Dior sunglasses

These sunglasses I have bought somewhere, can’t remember where to be honest. But I know they are fakes! I think I bought them in Thailand and still I like them very much but one of the glasses already has got a scratch on it. Dislike. **** Deze zonnebril heb ik gekocht in Thailand denk ik. Read More

348 – 363 Sunglasses

When I got sick early this month I forgot that my 365 project was kind of in a problem. I hadn’t had made any pictures yet and I didn’t know when I would have time to make some if I got better. But of course I got better and of course I wanted to fulfill Read More

347 – Christmas fascinator

This fascinator (or hatinator) is fit for Christmas. I have worn it before and I love it. There is not much to say about it, besides the fact that it’s utterly beautiful and sophisticated. I have only worn it to ‘formal’ parties such as Christmas. **** Dit hoedje en ook wel in het Engels fascinator Read More

346 – Grandmother’s hat

People who think back to my grandmother know exactly what she looked like. A small nice lady, white hair, always in heels and with her red little hat on.That’s exactly true. That’s what she looked like, because I remember her wearing this hat my whole life when she stepped outside the house. My grandmother was Read More

345 – Extrema hat

I bought this hat at Extrema. It’s a dance event in The Netherlands and I remember the sun was shining so hard and I didn’t have a hat with me. Just to prepare myself a bit better I bought this happy hat on the spot. **** Ik kocht dit hoedje op Extrema. Ik kan me Read More

344 – Gala shoes

These are the shoes that I wore during my prom. You know, the last prom you’re attending in high school. I had a dress from my cousin and these shoes so I could dance all night. I was already so much longer than my date and these heels aren’t too high. I have worn them Read More

343 – Glitter shoes

And on to the forgotten shoes and accessories. I have forgotten many of them because they were still at my mom’s place or somewhere tucked in or under so I couldn’t find them. Do you have the love for these things too? When you find them back and think: Oh my, I totally forgot about Read More

342 – Purple neck

This is more of an extra garment than you can call it a scarf. It’s supposed to be wrapped around your shoulders. For instance over your winter coat or underneath can be worn as well. I have used it several times now because it’s getting chillier and I hate cycling through the city with the Read More

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