I did it! & A new 365 days project

I did it! I finally ended my 365 project. I wrote down 365 things that make me happy. I’m so glad that I this project is finally done. I started my project before my father died (I had scheduled some) and afterwards I needed this project to remind me after his death what makes me happy. Read More

Blond, High Fives, Reminiscing, Top 2000 and Resolutions

Blond. It’s a brand in The Netherlands and I got a nice plate from my friend N. for Christmas. She and her two children E. and K.brought the gift to me. I love it! High 5. My niece of 4 months old can already give High Fives! It’s so funny. You just yel high 5 Read More

Night on my own, watching movies at home, birthdays and LOTR

Night on my own. Sometimes it’s nice to have a night in, alone. With nobody who is asking things, nobody to talk to, just you and your own imagination and the things you want to do. I just had one evening like that and though I love my boyfriend very very much, it was nice to Read More

Indoor party and family stories

Indoor party. I went to a party during boxing day together with some friends. We laughed and danced. I had a great time! Family stories. We were at my boyfriend’s house during boxing day and they were telling family stories. He’s one of 6 siblings and they had a lot to tell what they did Read More

Fireplaces and christmas portraits

Fireplaces. A wonderful fire during Christmas, even if you haven’t got a fireplace? Use your laptop (or buy a DVD) with a fireplace. Or use this one, that I found on Youtube.http://youtu.be/eyU3bRy2x44Yesterday I sat down by the fire, watching the flames and feeling the warmth. My niece was obsessed with it too. Christmas portraits. I also Read More

Fireworks and flexitarian day

Getting our fireworks. I always like registering for our fireworks and even this year I want to buy something. I grew up as a girl surrounded by boys (in my family and in my neighbourhood) so they gave me some boy-things that I still use. Like registering for my own fireworks. And yes, I blow Read More

Sushi, an alive christmas tree and favorited tweet

Sushi on your doorstep. We were too tired to leave the house (my boyfriend has a cold for some time and didn’t want to do anything beside his busy job) but had a craving for sushi and the idea of going out for dinner, but then at home. So we ordered in the sushi. And Read More

Serious Request and advent

Serious Request. Every year 3 DJs of our radio station 3FM lock themselves up in the Glass House for charity. For a whole week they don’t eat anything (they only have juices to drink) and you can ask for songs to play on the radio for money. This year it’s all about ‘Let’s clean this Read More

Dining together and my first package to the other side of the world

Dining together. Together with my best friend and her sister I had dinner recently. The house in which her sister lived is sold so she will be leaving her appartment. Dining before our yoga lessons isn’t possible anymore in Breda. And we had so much fun. She makes a good meal for us, we have Read More

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