Love Nancy

9 Januari – Moon

It’s a full moon and it’s huge. It can be so wonderful to see how beautiful and big the moon looks. It seems to be closer to the earth as usual and in the morning, when I drive to my job, I can see it slowly dissapear and make room for another morning. ************************************** Het Read More

Love Nancy

8 Januari – DIY

It gives you a good feeling when you fix something around the house. Like putting a cabinet together, or putting a shelf on the wall or in my case fixing the shower. I’m quite proud of myself and I’m happy I can do a little DIY myself as well. ********************************************************* Het geeft een goed gevoel Read More

7 Januari – Hot shower

Taking a hot shower is luxury. On my travels through Thailand I have had several cold showers and though it is much warmer as it is here, I can tell you having a hot shower is still a pretty nice thing to have. And at home it’s even better. The warm water which wakens you Read More

Love Nancy

6 Januari – Lotto

We had bought tickets for the lottery. Everybody knows that you get more luck getting cancer (really, it’s true) that becoming a millionaire, but still everybody buys a ticket. We did buy one as well for new years. Of course we didn’t win a big amount of money (but we did win €10!), but the idea Read More

Love Nancy

5 Januari – WIDM

Today the new season of Wie Is De Mol started again and I’m ready for it! On forehand we sent messages on twitter about the first episode, also on Facebook. I layed down my notebook to make notes during the episode and invited my mother to come and watch it. She always wanted to watch, Read More

Love Nancy

4 Januari – Learning something new a day

They say: you learn something new every day. This actually isn’t completely true I think: I don’t learn a new thing daily, but today I did! It was in the office when a colleague tried to explain a particular thing to me. And I didn’t know how the process was working. It was such an Read More

Photo a day 5

Something you wore Yes, these are raindeersocks in the front his head in the back his butt. I like them for walking around the house 🙂 Jep, dit zijn rendierensokken, aan de voorkant zijn kop, aan de acherkant zijn kont. Ik vind ze prettig om mee door het huis te sloffen 🙂 Read More

Photo a day 4

Letterbox Made with my ‘Retro Camera’ application for android. Gemaakt met mijn ‘Retro Camra’ applicatie voor android. Read More

Photo a day 3

Something you adore I adore watching my bookshelf. I love it being covered with books of all kinds of subjects. We have too many of them for our little house (up the attic we have even more), but I simply can’t let go of them. Ik hou ervan om naar mijn boekenkast te kijken. Om Read More

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