Love Nancy

24 November – Technology

Aren’t you guys grateful for all the technology in our lives? I can remember when we went on a holiday with the whole family: when we arrived we needed to call grandmother to say we arrived well. This wasn’t always that easy: you needed to buy a telephone card, if you couldn’t buy one at Read More

Love Nancy

23 November – Adventure

When I was a little girl I was totally in love with adventure. And finally I’m on an adventure again. We will take the train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai and we will sleep in it as well. Though I am a bit of a fancy traveller I am really expecting it to be (quite) Read More

Love Nancy

22 November – Success

I finally know how to bargain, an essential thing when travelling abroad (at least when you leave the Western Europe countries) so… Today we made an effort and we succeeded!!! šŸ™‚ Normally I’m not that good at it. ********************** Eindelijk weet ik hoe ik moet afdingen, een essentieel onderdeel wanneer je reist (buiten West-Europa) dus…. Read More

Love Nancy

21 November – Hospitality

When you arrive in a different country, it’s always a bit of adjusting. Here I need to adjust to the weather, the time (difference) and the food. I have an irritable bowel syndrome, so I was very pleased to hear we could check in early in the morning. I was lying on the bed and Read More

Love Nancy

20 November – Holiday

Finally my holiday has started and I bid adieu to my family and friends. We are loving the fact we are travelling and we are looking forward to our holiday time and all the new impressions. I love going on a holiday. Did you know I once worked in the travel agencies world? It was Read More

Love Nancy

Invisible Light

I found this video clip rather fascinating. And I love the song as well. What do you think of this video? *********************************** Ik vond deze clip erg fascinerend en ik vind het nummer ook geweldig. Wat vind jij van deze video? Read More

19 November – Soccer

I am not such a good supporter. When my boyfriend has a match, I normally don’t come to watch the game but today I made an effort to see him play soccer. It was nice and I was wondering why I don’t do this more often. Really on my To-do-more-often list. ********************** Ik ben niet Read More

18 November – Last day @ work

Today was my last day at work. I will have 3 weeks of holiday now. I really need this time to really relax and think. I’m looking forward to having a bit of me-time. ****************** Vandaag was mijn laatste dag op kantoor. Ik heb nu 3 weken vakantie. Ik ben er zo aan toe om Read More

17 November – Flowers

When you buy flowers, they will keep for a week or a bit more. Unfortunately they will simply not keep very longer. But not these guys! I have already got these flowers over 3 weeks now and they still look great. Why can’t this be for all flowers? It makes me happy looking at flowers Read More

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