Celebrity Crushes – Mr. Big vs. Aidan

Today is the last Celebrity Crushes and instead of a real person, I have the characters Big and Aidan. Have you watched Sex and the City? Than you must have had your favourite of the show. Was it Big, the succesful businessman with humour and emotionally unavailability and therefore the on-off relationship of Carrie? Or was Read More

Celebrity Crushes – Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor, a funny guy with a good voice and great roles in movies. Welcome to this week’s Celebrity Crushes! He was excellent in Trainspotting and I loved him singing in Moulin Rouge (I didn’t really like the movie itself, but loved the soundtrack – that guy can sing, I’m tellin’ ya!). Guys obviously like Read More

Celebrity Crushes – Liam Neeson

I have this thing for Liam Neeson, I don’t know really why. It’s because he’s bad-ass I think. Loved him in Taken as the guy you never want to make angry or as the lovely father in Love, Actually. He can be so much fun when you see his interviews (like at the Graham Norton show, see a clip below). Read More

Celebrity Crushes: Jensen Ackles (Is Epic)

Jensen Ackles is epic

Yesterday evening it was trending on twitter: Jensen Ackles Is Epic. And I then realized that this week’s Celebrity Crush post wasn’t online yet. But thankfully I can still tell you all that I have a gigantic crush on this man. Temperatures were rising thanks to all the cute guys I already showed you, but it comes to a boiling point with, my piece de la resistance, Jensen Ackles.

Celebrity Crushes – Jan Kooijman

Today I have a Dutch celebrity crush. His name is Jan Kooijman and he’s part of the jury of So You Think You Can Dance.He has been a soap opera actor but is originally a dancer (yes my heart’s jumping already). At the moment he is a TV host and actor. I have been drooling Read More

Celebrity Crushes – Pierce Brosnan

Yes, I really mean Pierce Brosnan. I think he is the kind of person who radiates ‘sophistication’.I don’t know if he is, because I don’t know him, but he seems to be a real gentleman. I think this is always attractive and it helps he really has a pretty face. I must admit I am Read More

Celebrity Crushes – Daniel Boissevain

This Celebrity Crushes is about a Dutch guy. He is known for several tv shows, movies, musicals and a tv game show called Wie is de Mol? His most recent big public appearance was as Judas in The Passion. I can remember going to Doe Maar the Musical and got home totally happy. Not only Read More

Celebrity Crushes – Johnny Depp

Today on the Celebrity Crushes posts: Johnny Depp !OK I must admit this man is one you will find in every celebrity crush post, but it’s just such a beautiful and mysterious man. I can’t get over it. I remember when my best friend and I went to the theaters to see Pirates of the Read More

Celebrity Crushes – Keanu Reeves

I know it’s a little bit silly, to have a celebrity crush but everybody loves a little bit of eye candy! I know that for sure, so since the past days have been rainy and I have started watching a whole lot of movies again – I thought of all the eyecandy in those movies. Read More

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