consumeren vs consuminderen buy nothing new month

Consumeren versus consuminderen – Buy nothing new month

Hoeveel spullen koop jij in een maand? Heb je daar wel eens bij stil gestaan? Ik koop niet veel nieuwe spullen, in de afgelopen jaren zeker niet. De jaren ervoor? Elke week kocht ik wel iets nieuws. Voor in huis, voor in mijn kast, voor om mijn nek of in mijn oren, voor in mijn Read More

Show me the money!

Ik heb al een tijdje niet van me laten horen over de Free Fashion Challenge, vandaag weer een update! Hoeveel geef jij uit aan kleding? De opdracht die ik kreeg was het opschrijven van mijn uitgaven aan mode, accessoires en schoenen in het jaar voorafgaand aan de Free Fashion Challenge. Ik ben eens goed gaan Read More

Ondertrouw Joep en Nancy

(Surprise) Intended Marriage – (Verrassings-) In Ondertrouw

In The Netherlands you need to give notice of one’s intended marriage at city hall. You need to do this at least 2 weeks before your actual wedding date. And May 21st was our date! Vintage wedding dress Normally the Dutch don’t make a big surprise out of it. Or just no biggie. They strawl Read More

Shop your own wardrobe

Next assignment was to reinvent my own wardrobe. But how can I do that? I kept on thinking about it and decided: By changing those clothes from the back of the wardrobe to the front of it. And using them once again. Some of them I hadn’t used for quite some time. The assignment was Read More

I did it! & A new 365 days project

I did it! I finally ended my 365 project. I wrote down 365 things that make me happy. I’m so glad that I this project is finally done. I started my project before my father died (I had scheduled some) and afterwards I needed this project to remind me after his death what makes me happy. Read More

Kerstmarkt in Düsseldorf

Kerstmarkt in Düsseldorf met pretzel-pret

Kerstmarkt in Altstadt Düsseldorf *This post is in Dutch. For translation, please use the translate button on the right. (Under my tweets) *Vorig weekend was ik op de Kerstmarkt in Düsseldorf. Voor €25 reden wij heen en terug met de bus en kregen we een retourkaartje voor de metro. Ik was nog nooit in Düsseldorf Read More

Free Fashion Challenge Buddy

I got an email from Free Fashion Challenge, that I should get a buddy. Someone who can support me in my attempt of not buying any garments, shoes or accessories for a whole year. Some find it weird what I’m doing. Some don’t know about what I’m doing but are interested. Some want to have Read More


Ever since I stopped buying clothes and accessories, it’s a lot more quiet in my inbox. Usually I would save the newsletters to see it again, to see the offer and probably buying something from it. But they usually were newsletters from the fashion industry. So nowadays it’s easy to scroll through my inbox because Read More


My next assignment for Free Fashion Challenge was to write down why I will not buy any clothing for a year. I got asked this question several times and I have a very idealistic answer to this question. I don’t want to buy any new clothes for a year because I want to start on Read More

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