Favorieten 13 Knetterkauwgom

Favorieten #13 – Knetterkauwgom

Favoriete momenten en dingen die ik graag met jou deel op maandag. Zoals gestolen momentjes en knetterkauwgom. Mijn favoriete tijd: Gestolen momentjes Eventjes na het werk nog in de achtertuin zitten in de zon. Zo lekker om eventjes de sleur van alledag van me af te laten vallen. De irritaties van het werk van me Read More

zomerschoenen toms

Wat niemand je vertelt over TOMS schoenen

Toms zijn enorm leuke schoenen met een geweldige motivatie erachter, maar ik vertel je vandaag wat niemand je vertelt over deze schoenen. Sandalen van Toms Niet zo heel lang geleden kocht ik met mijn zuurverdiende centen twee paar schoenen voor de zomer. Ik kocht sandalen in het zwart en sandalen met een natuurlijke look met vrolijke Read More

zomerschoenen toms

Summer to do list : Nieuwe zomerschoenen kopen

Hoewel ik al bijna twee jaar lang niets gekocht had, heb ik me nu laten verleiden voor deze zomer en kocht ik zelfs twee paar! In mijn Summer To Do List voor 2015 zette ik dat ik nieuwe zomerschoenen mag kopen met de volgende kenmerken: die lopen als een zonnetje, geen pijn doen aan mijn Read More

43 – Thin leather strappy shoes

This is the first pair of shoes that I bought in my current city. Back then they were pretty cheap because the brand wasn’t very known yet. As you can see they are made of really thin leather, but thankfully the leather isn’t worn out too much. Í don’t think that’ll last very long, so Read More

42 – Booties for winter

This is pair number two from the Soldes in Paris. They walk very good and they look so cute. Beautiful leather, lovely color and warm on the inside. Exactly what I need in winter. And yes, if you only have to pay €15 for them. Who wouldn’t do that? Especially if they first were €140. Read More

41 – White versatile summer shoes

Thrown away already, these white shoes. For years they were my number 1 summer shoes! I have walked every part of the world in them. They were ideal: quick to put on and very versatile. Under fancy clothes, under a more sporty outfit, everything was possible. And that’s why it was ideal backpacking material too, Read More

40 – Snake skin leather mary janes

Again Paris and Sale. I thought I didn’t need anything, so I walked passed the soldes. But my mom was there with me at that moment and said to me that I had to take a peek. These shoes were sold for nearly nothing! So, we went in. All shoes were being sold for only Read More

39 – Glitter shiny platform shoes from Paris

Love at first sight. €5 and Paris. These two words are all you need to know. I was walking around in Paris when I saw these shoes – not too far from my home. They aren’t really convenient (I mean huge platform shoes and a short nose that make me wobble a bit) and I Read More

38 – Out of style platform shoes

Another shoe in my in closet that I don’t pay attention to. My mom saw them, said that I should buy them, I fitted the shoes and I took them home with me. And what turns out: they hurt my feet! They cut into my flesh and I haven’t figured out what to do about Read More

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