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What’s in your bag? The HONEST video

Op YouTube kan je honderden video’s en vlogs vinden over dames die vertellen wat er in hun tas zit: What’s in your bag of What’s in my bag. Maar zit er ook maar 1 bij die serieus haar troep voor de camera uit haar tas haalt? Nee, want het zijn nepvideo’s vol met geselecteerde producten Read More

129 – Festival hip bag

It’s coming to an end with the bags ladies and gentlemen. We’re done with my shoes and after today we will be done with my bags as well. At least, that’s what I think, because I have grabbed everything I could find and I think there’s not a place in my house where a bag Read More

128 – Blue Chanel bag

At Century 21 in New York I bought another bag (or purse) too. This one! I don’t use it very often but it’s quite a big bag, something I didn’t really expect when I bought it. It’s much bigger than the other Chanel lookalike bag that I have shown you here. I like the golden Read More

127 – Red sequined gala purse

I bought this purse for a special occassion: a Christmas gala! I love the sequins on this one and it has a really long handle so you can throw it over one shoulder. **** Ik kocht dit tasje voor een bijzondere gelegenheid: een kerstgala! Ik vind de pailletjes heerlijk en het heeft een lang hengsel Read More

123, 124, 125 & 126 Camel bag, Louis Vuitton bag, Snakeskin bag & Grandmother’s bag

Camel bag This is actually a bag made from a camel. When I was in Egypt, I wanted to buy a nice bag (only if I would find one). There were a lot of tourists with bad taste, so they had all the fake bags hanging in the shops. I wasn’t going to buy any Read More

122 – New York black patent leather Calvin Klein bag

I remember buying this bag. Ah… I fall in love all over again. It’s a Calvin Klein black patent leather bag I bought in New York. Ah, New York – city of my dreams. Concrete jungle where dreams are …. anyway, let’s stay on topic. I bought it at Century 21, the big store where brands Read More

120 & 121 – The why-have-I-stored-this bag

Sometimes you store things and when you come across those, you ask yourself the one and only legitimate question: Why? I don’t know why I have some bags stored that I really don’t even use. Probably I had gotten it at a free event, or maybe to carry some stuff with me for just a Read More

119 – Caged bird eh I mean bag

This bag has been one of my mom’s I think. I can’t remember, this was one of the bags I could play with as a kid as well. I like the bag, later on I used it for myself but as you can probably see it’s not a very big bag. Even my cards will Read More

118 – Vintage grandmother’s bag

This is a bag I got from my grandmother to play with! It’s true! When I was little I was handed this bag to play ‘pretty lady’ with. I loved the chain handle, which broke while playing with it. Now I hate myself for playing with it, because I love the bag. There’s a weird Read More

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