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Where to eat when in Budapest? I have been to Budapest last summer and I can totally tell you that Castro Bisztró is a wonderful place to go to.

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  • Castro Bisztró, Madách tér 3

Castro Bisztró is a cafe/restaurant that is very popular among locals. I ate wonderful vegetarian dishes (a starter with marinated feta cheese and for dinner a potatoe dish). The staff is very friendly, they know their menu very well and what tastes or combines good with what. In summer it’s possible to sit outside. Castro Bisztró has a relaxed atmosphere, good service and varied, good food.

I felt at home right away with the soft music in the background and all the people having fun. It was crowded and we had the last table available. Bear in mind that it’s possible you have to wait.

My picture is not very good and is made with my phone. The waitress told me that the potatoe dish would be very much and would be fine as just one dish, so without a starter. But I figured I could share with my fiancé. I really had to share, because though  the food was very good, the dish was a little bit too much for me! She smiled to me as she jokingly said: “I warned you!”

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